Ecolab® ZephAir Mountain Mist Air & Fabric Refresher RTU 32oz #00012043
Air Fresheners & Deodorizers
This scent specializes in eliminating smoke and pet odors with a fresh, brisk and clean fragrance. Features and Benefits: Superior odor fighting technology. Advanced, new technology bonds to odor molecules and removes them from the air. Clear, colorless formula won't leave a sticky residue on fabrics or surfaces. Flexible, cost efficient usage. Concentrated formulas cost less per use than alternative fabric refreshers. Adjustable dilution levels allow you to customize application strength to fit your needs. Versatile dispensing options. Keep areas smelling fresh and clean in a wide variety of uses. For use on curtains, upholstery, linens, bedspreads, carpets, rugs and a variety of other fabrics. Effective on difficult malodors including smoke, food, urine and musty odors. Use daily in a spray bottle for small areas. Use in a fogger or pump-up sprayer in large areas and as part of deep-cleaning procedures to remove tough malodors. For fabrics which may water spot (such as silk or dark dyed fabric), test on a small area that cannot be seen. Not recommended for leather.
  • Features
  • Sustainability
  • Easy, ready-to-use spray
  • Mountain Mist fragrance - Fresh, brisk and clean scent
  • Effective against smoke and food odors such as cigarettes, tobacco, garlic, onions, and curry
  • Clear, colorless formula won’t leave sticky residue on fabrics or surfaces
Requires no Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) when used as directed; Fragrance Safety; Low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) ; Biodegradable when used as directed; Not toxic to aquatic life when used as directed; Product contains no or low phosphorus