Beverage Napkins, 1-Ply, 1/4 Fold, 9x9, White
Sustainable Products
RJ Schinner
This value priced napkin is ideal for all public environments. 1/4 fold, 1 ply. High quality napkins offer absorbency, strength and cleanliness. Embossed. After sugar is milled, the waste is traditionally burnt. With the paper making technology used in manufacturing Nova, the waste can be mixed with bamboo and eucalyptus pulp, and turned into sugarcane based tissue, towel and napkins. By using Nova, you convert what would otherwise become another greenhouse gas pollutant into a forest-preserving paper product.
  • Features
  • Sustainability
  • White (500 per pack, 8 packs)
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Great quality
  • Certified by USDA bio preferred program under the USDA bio based product label. Meet the criteria for rapidly renewable material of on-going consumption, and scores 5 points in LEED certification.