Dixie Ultra® SmartStock® Series-O Classic Fork Dispenser by GP PRO, Translucent Black
Food & Beverage Dispensers
There isn't a more efficient or orderly way for you to stock - and for your customers to select, the cutlery that is an essential part of your operation. Promotes good hygiene with the enclosed design protects cutlery from contaminants. Reduces inventory usage by up to 25% - forks are dispensed one at a time. Gives you greater efficiency with a clean and simple alternative to open cutlery bins.
  • Features
  • One-at-a-time dispensing reduces usage by an average of 29%, compared to open bins
  • Hygienic design keeps utensils enclosed and helps protect from contaminants
  • Easy to maintain with easy-to-load refills and generous 120-utensil capacity that helps reduce the need for restocking
  • Frees up counter space with its neat, space-saving design
  • Compatible with Dixie Ultra® SmartStock® series-o plastic fork refills