Ex-Cell Kaiser® Metro Collection 18 Gallon Two Stream Tapered Recycle Receptacle, Hammered Copper
Recycling & Waste Receptacles
Ex-Cell Kaiser
Functional, classic design combined with its versatility meets the needs of any facility.
  • Features
  • Specifications
  • Sustainability
  • Warranty
  • Complete "recycling receptacle" includes interchangeable lids
  • Transfer decal kit includes white decals for: TRASH, PAPER, PLASTIC, CANS/BOTTLES, RECYCLE. COMPOST, and WASTE
  • Each unit includes a removable LLDPE liner with lift handles and bag retention notches

  • Includes a plastic squeegee for quick and easy application of decals
  • Contains over 30% recycled material
  • 100% post-consumer recyclable

  • 1 year limited warranty