Ecolab® Concentrated Foam Hand Soap 2 Liter
Soap & Sanitizers
Concentrated general use foam soap that can be diluted up to a 10:1 dilution rate.
  • Features
  • Sustainability
  • Sustainably designed reusable product packaging reduces product waste by up to 90 percent
  • Concentrated formula means you have to order less frequenty, reducing shipping costs
  • Fewer smaller packages saves on storage space and helps reduce waste pickup
  • Refillable bottles feature a sealed system to ensure safe and effective application every time
Nexa concentrates are diluted on-site, reducing shipping costs and packaging waste. The Nexa handcare program utilizes refillable bottles to reduced wasted soap in the bottom of disposed bottles.; Green Seal GS41; Requires no Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) when used as directed; Simplified Product Use; Fragrance Safety; Low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) ; Not toxic to aquatic life when used as directed; Reduced waste and carbon footprint ; Product contains no or low phosphorus