Ecolab® Stainblaster Power Pak Plus Reclaim Color 1 lb #06100910
Alkaline powdered laundry stain reclaim product that contains a blend of surfactants, builders, enzymes and chelant for excellent soil removal; optical brightener and oxygen bleach to maintain and enhance linen whiteness; as well as a fragrance for optimum freshness. Effective on a wide range of soil types such as food soils, body soils, and makeup. Also especially effective for Long Term Care guest linen and colored table linen. Formulated to be used with colored linen.
  • Features
  • Restore stained colored fabric rejects from regular laundering
  • Reclaim a high percentage of stained colored fabric thereby avoiding costly replacements
  • White fabric, such as athletic uniforms, that cannot tolerate chlorine bleach can be treated with this product
  • Pre-packaged dose for easy use