Ecolab® Stainblaster Power Pak Plus Reclaim Whites 1.2 Lb. #06100909
Alkaline powdered laundry stain reclaim product that contains a blend of surfactants, builders, and chelant for excellent soil removal; optical brightener and chlorine bleach to maintain and enhance linen whiteness; as well as a fragrance for optimum freshness. Very effective in removing a wide range of tough stains such as food soils, body soils and makeup. Formulated for use on white linen only.
  • Features
  • Sustainability
  • Restores stained white fabric rejects from regular laundering
  • Reclaim a high percentage of stained white fabric, thereby avoiding costly replacements
  • For use on white fabric able to tolerate exposure to chlorine bleach
  • Pre-packaged dose for easy use
StainBlaster Power Pak Program extends linen life by reducing linen replacement by up to 29.7%.; Fragrance Safety; Low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) ; Not toxic to aquatic life when used as directed; Reduced waste and carbon footprint ; Product contains no or low phosphorus