Ecolab® Stainblaster Laundry Starter Kit, #06101110
0034764 MFG #: 6101110
Laundry pre-spotter kit used for most stains found in a commercial laundry. Primary tool for use on the most common stains in hospitality and long term care segments. Innovative chemistry and targeted stain-fighting power helps eliminate the need for rewash and early linen replacement, optimizing total operation and saving costs in key areas. Wall mounted kit contains one bottle each of stainblaster enzyme boost, stainblaster grease remover, stainblaster makeup remover and stainblaster destainer.
  • Features
  • Sustainability
  • Kit contains one bottle each of StainBlaster Enzyme Boost, StainBlaster Grease Remover, StainBlaster Makeup Remover and StainBlaster Destainer
  • Laundry pre-spotter kit with 4 options to cover most stains found in a commercial laundry
  • Easy to use laundry pre-treatments - spray directly on the stain
  • Helps extend linen life by improving stain removal
StainBlaster Power Pak Program extends linen life by reducing linen replacement by up to 29.7%.; Fragrance Safety; Low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) ; Biodegradable when used as directed; Reduced waste and carbon footprint ; Product contains no or low phosphorus