Ecolab® Tri-Star Clearly Soft Plus 5 Gallon 06100998
Liquid fabric softener that gives sheets and towels a longer lasting freshness and luxurious softness that delivers a premium experience your guests expect. Clearly Soft Plus uses an encapsulated technology that brings a fresh and light fragrance from the laundry room to the guest room. Throughout the guests stay, the just-laundered premium freshness is released every time they use the linens creating a lasting impression. The product is formulated to dose at higher levels without impacting the absorbency or whiteness of linens.
  • Features
  • Sustainability
  • Encapsulated fragrance technology brings longer lasting freshness from the laundry room to the guestroom
  • Even at higher dosages, towels retain their maximum absorbency and the linen whiteness is kept intact
  • Phosphate-free formula supports sustainability goals.
  • Superior softness and freshness improves guest satisfaction
Fragrance Safety; Low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) ; Biodegradable when used as directed; Not toxic to aquatic life when used as directed; Reduced waste and carbon footprint ; Product contains no or low phosphorus