Blaze Away XLC Mal-Odor Counteractant, 16oz
Air Fresheners & Deodorizers
Blaze Away
Blaze Away Fresh Air O+SE Mal-Odour Counteractant removes mal-odours at the molecular level caused by cigars, cigarettes, marijuana smoke, mustiness, mold, mildew, urine, plumbing issues, cooking smells, pets, and more. Forget the ozone machines, bombs and foggers - Blaze Away is the only thing you will need, plus, no more room refunds due to odour. Removes odours at parts per trillion, not a cover up. Permanent odour elimination: 1-2 sprays for moderate to light odours, 3-5 sprays for heavy to extreme odours. Fresh Air Scent XLC Extra Long Counteractant contains no water, blended with fine fragrance. 16oz bottle, 350 plus sprays per bottle.
  • Features
  • Powerful, long lasting fragrance.
  • Not a cover-up or masking agent.
  • Permanent odor elimination and long-term general scenting.
  • Used at hundreds of hotels, casinos, resorts, rentals properties and commercial buildings throughout North America.