Diamond +5 Single-Line Telephone, Ash
Teledex Diamond Series: Single and Two-Line Telephone. Integrated Speakerphone* Hands-free conversations*. Guest Service Buttons, Up to ten (10) for one-touch access to hotel Services. ADA Handset Volume Boost, Three (3) distinct levels, compliant with HAC/VC and FCC requirements. Raised Red Message-Waiting Lens, Easily seen from any area in the guestroom. Message-Waiting Circuitry, Message Waiting will activate on high or low voltage; Guarantees operation of up to 7 phones for suite applications, with an extra-bright message-waiting lamp. Mute Key Deactivates microphone during speakerphone and handset calls; a red LED indicates activation**. Speaker On/Off Key With red LED for easy speakerphone activation*. Electronic 3-way Call Conference Function with LED indicator for convenient multi-line conversations***. Hold Key Places the active line on hold so the second line can be used or a conference call initiated***. Hold Release Detection Circuit Releases calls on hold when line is accessed by any telephone. Redial Key Automatically redials the last number dialed, with timed deletion of the last number after 30 minutes for enhanced hospitality security (most models). Flash Key (most models). Textured Finish Provides durable resistance against scratches and smudges. Full-Length Paper Faceplate Allows user-friendly customization. Desk or Wall Mountable Provides placement flexibility. Hidden Programming Key Eliminates arbitrary reprogramming of autodial keys. Data Port Easy access for laptop modem or fax machine use. *Speakerphone models only. **Not available in single-line basic or lobby phone. ***Two-line only.
  • Features
  • Corded telephone, ash
  • Analog 1-line, desk or wall-mounted
  • 5 Guest service keys
  • Full-length customizable faceplate