Ecolab® Aquanomic 2.0 Low-Temp Laundry Solid Clearly Soft Plus 6 lb. #6101756
Solid Clearly Soft Plus gives sheets and towels a longer lasting freshness and luxurious softness witch delivers the premium experience customers expect. This product uses encapsulated fragrance technology that brings a fresh and light fragrance from the laundry room to the guest room. Throughout a guests' stay, the just-laundered premium freshness is released every time they use the linens, creating a lasting impression. Formulated to dose at higher levels without impacting the absorbency or whiteness of linens. For use with Aquanomic low temperature solid products and the Smart Wash Process.
  • Features
  • Solid chemistry means small, lightweight packages for easy storage, handling, and loading and to 74% less plastic waste, plus reduced exposure to chemicals
  • Brings longer lasting freshness from the laundry room to the guestroom and adds a fresh clean springtime scent to linens
  • Superior softness and freshness improves guest satisfaction
  • Even at higher dosages, towels retain their maximum absorbency and the linen whiteness is kept intact