Bed MadeEZ® Bed Maker, Mattress Lifter
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Cadence Keen Innovations
While most people want a clean, tidy bed, no one looks forward to putting on fresh linens because of the strain of lifting the mattress with one arm while trying to tuck in with the other. And, putting on bed skirts is an absolute challenge to even the strongest. Let the Bed MadeEZ do the lifting and holding for you. The Bed MadeEZ® lifts and holds the mattress in a raised position so both hands are free for tucking in the sheets and blankets. The narrow tip is used for tucking linens. The inclined design lifts the mattress 4"-5" as it slides in, reducing body strain. The level ledge holds the mattress in a raised position alleviating pressure to the lumbar spine and leaving both hands free to make the bed. The curved handle allows the user to grip the Bed MadeEZ at a natural wrist position, with one or two hands, providing greater comfort, strength and transfer of energy.
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