Bissell® Sanitaire® air400 Air Purifiers 1200 Square Feet of Coverage, 3 Levels of Filtration
Air Purification
Bissell Homecare
This air purifier is clean air made easy for your guests, students and staff. There are odors, allergens, dust, and other things we can't always see in our air that needs to be cleaned. The air400's CirQulate System also uses particle sensor technology to monitor the indoor air and communicate in real-time air quality through three distinct colors and a numerical reading. It captures airborne particles and odors with three stages of filtration.
  • Features
  • Specifications
  • 1200 Square Feet of Coverage
  • Pre-Filter, Activated Carbon and a HEPA Filter which captures 99.97% at 0.3 microns
  • Provides, real-time, numerical and colored air quality feedback using intuitive sensor technology to monitor and respond to your indoor needs
  • Filter life last about 6 months depending on frequency of use and environment
  • When ordering replacement replacement products, the manufacturer strongly recommends changing both the carbon and the HEPA/pre-filter at the same time.
  • GS# 0071667 (carbon)
  • GS# 0071640 (HEPA & Pre Filter)