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Welcome to the new guestsupply.com! We are pleased to offer enhanced features that help make placing orders, finding products, and conducting business with us easier than ever. We have incorporated shopping and buying into one convenient experience, meaning that you'll manage your account and place orders all right here on guestsupply.com.  If you have any questions about how to use the site, please contact customer service or reach out to your territory manager for assistance. In addition, we have compiled the following video overviews to introduce you to key new features.

Introduction to My Account Features

Easily navigate to My Order Guide, create lists, manage users, track orders, view order history, and more.

Quick Guide to Placing An Order

View the simple and easy ways to place an order, by browsing the site, utilizing lists, or other quick order entry options.

Creating an RMA

Learn how to quickly initiate the return of unwanted or damaged merchandise through a quick submission process. 

Checkout Process

We have introduced new features and better visibility into shipment origination and expected delivery, as well as estimated freight cost.