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Sustainable Product Solutions


Bath & bed linens
made from 25%-100%
recycled content

LED light bulbs
reduce energy
consumption up to 80%

Personal care amenities:
and use recycled packaging

WaterSense plumbing
fixtures  reduce water
usage by at least 20%

Sustainable &

Guest Supply proactively partners with manufacturers, in all product categories, who focus on environmental responsibility, investing time, effort, and capital to ensure that their practices, processes, raw materials, and products are both sustainable and eco-friendly.

Taking a
Global Approach

At Guest Supply, our global approach to environmental responsibility is rooted in the belief that meeting our customers' needs should never compromise our commitment to conservation.


We’ve been an industry leader in full-spectrum hotel solutions for over 40 years, and we’re continuing to lead the way by maximizing our customers’ profit margins while minimizing the carbon footprint across all aspects of our business.